What is ECONAVI?
ECONAVI Intelligent Sensor detects unconscious waste of energy using the temperature sensor. It is able to monitor surrounding temperature and adjust the fan speed automatically to give the most comfortable air to the human body. While adjusting the fan speed, it saves energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience.
How it works
ECONAVI features intelligent surrounding temperature detection that senses every 3 minutes.
ECONAVI feature will adjust speed automatically to give the most comfortable air to human body according to the surrounding temperature and room conditions.
ECONAVI-Temperature Sensor
64% energy saving when in ECONAVI mode
Activated 10 minutes after START
Temperature detection every 3 minutes
ECONAVI with smart eco sensor now has the ability to detect and reduce energy waste. You can now enjoy more savings of up to 64%*
ECONAVI, Save Up To 64%* Electricity
ECONAVI F-M14HW vs non-ECONAVI F-M14HW 63% Saving
ECONAVI F-M15H5 vs non-ECONAVI F-M15H5 64% Saving
ECONAVI Integrated Circuit
This intelligent microprocessor analyses information from the sensor and adjust the fan speed to optimum conditions.
Temperature Sensor
Detects surrounding temperature.
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