Comfortable - 1/f Yuragi* (Natural Breeze)
(Applicable for F-M15GW, F-M12GX VBHQH, F-M15H5, F-M14HW, F-M15E2 & F-M14E2)
Yuragi Dandelion
These fans are equipped with 1/f Yuragi function, which is a fluctuating pattern to generate a gentle breeze. With this sophisticated formula in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, these new ceiling fans gives you a peaceful and comfortable feeling.
Current function: rhythm breeze
Speed notch toggles by 4 seconds regularly
This regular pattern decreases body temperature after a period of time. Thereafter, you may feel anxious and uncomfortable when the wind velocity changes.
New function: 1/f Yuragi
Speed notch toggles based on Yuragi pattern
Incorporated with this human-concerned technology, this kind of rhythm maintains your external body temperature by giving you a feeling of natural wind when there is a change of wind velocity.
Yuragi Wind Flow vs. Continuous wind
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